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All great tips on information to include. Business cards are incredibly effective if designed properly, so I've decided to include some tips that I've found useful.
  • Designing your card begins with outlining your goals. It is possible to have multiple business cards depending on what you wish to accomplish. Are you looking to introduce your business or do you want to cut through the clutter of your crowded industry? Answering this question will help with the rest of the design process.
  • This goes without saying, but include all of the important information (listed above).
  • Expand on what your business actually does. A short sentence or catchy phrase can help your business stand out and give viewers addition information and insight as to what makes your company special.
  • Make your card worth remembering. Customers love seeing creative and unique cards, and a good presentation will be the difference between them saving the card and throwing it away.
  • Choose your graphics carefully. In all honesty, your picture will likely determine whether or not people pay attention to the more important (but less flashy) information. Artistically designed cards with a good typeface will draw the attention of customers and create a lasting image.
  • Use quality stock. The idea of a business card is to keep your company's information close at hand for customers. Increasing the longevity of your card by using quality paper is just one of the ways to ensure your message stays with the customer.
  • Lastly, you'll want to make sure that you use the right size. Many people have a collection of business cards either in their wallet or a rolodex, and you want to make sure that your card is the same size. Cards that don't fit in with others in terms of size will likely be discarded and more difficult for people to keep track of.

So much goes into designing a good business card, but there is almost no better way to gain exposure than doing it properly.

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