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Nice one Jase,

Feel free to send out a catalogue. Always interested in what the fairies are up to.

As far as knowing everything that's certainly not what I've saying. Try to learn as much as possible is what I'm trying to point out. It's going to be far easier to try to become a leader in an industry if you know what you're doing and what that industry requires.

Now the business side of things is something most people are going to have to learn alot of as they're going along simply because, it's not going to be possible for everyone to get the opportunity to be a CEO for someone elses company before they start their own.

My expertise are in design. I've been doing that over 10 years. The business side is something I'm learning. But because of my experience in the design industry I know what constitutes good design, I know what makes a good designer, I know what is takes to get a campaign from concept to creation, so that frees up my time so that I can concentrate on the business side accounting, management, etc etc.

Now if I didn't have the background that I do. I'd be having to learn not only the business side but the practical side of my industry too. I wouldn't be able to judge the performance of a new employee. I wouldn't be able to know if my company's work was up to industry standard. Let alone what to charge.

As for starting a lawn mowing business. If you don't know how to fix and maintain the mowers you're likely to pay too much for your mower repairs and maintenance. If you don't know what the other 'Lawn Mower Men' are charging, how will you be competitive? If you don't know all about lawn, how will you be able to gain more money from each job by providing grounds keeping facilities? You may even find after a year of mowing lawns that you hate mowing lawns, what then?

Perhaps it won't take you years to learn these things…and yes you're right ever business is different. but there are still questions to be answered here before setting up and becoming the next 'Jims Mowing Franchise'.

Mind you if you are happy to start small, boot strap the business and as long as your family isn't completely reliant on the income. Feel free to learn the business as you go. But…and this is the reason I began this thread in the first place…I saw someone post that they had saved up the $50k they need to start-up their new business. Then they asked what business people thought they should start. It seemed to me like a lot of money to throw into something that you are not sure if you will even enjoy in a couple of years down the track.

Again, I'm not trying to discourage anyone from taking the plunge. I just urge anyone thinking of throwing themselves into a new business, to look at the business from all angles before you decide that the business is right for you.

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