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Originally Posted by Diane Seltzer View Post
I agree with the Google+ approach too. Its obviously not as popular as Facebook or Twitter (or even Pinterest) right now, but Google is putting a lot of effort behind growing it... its just a matter of time before it becomes a major influence. The impact on search results has huge potential.

That's why I have been working on expanding my circle... best to *try* to get ahead of the curve!

Here's an article I put together with some strategies to grow your Google+ circle (no tiny URL )
Great article Diane.
(no tiny URL )
Thank you for doing the more trusted way.

I actually embed the Google profile badge on my blog like what has been discussed in your post here's my blog.

It actually helps my blog to have an authorship of mine.

If you try to search my blog on Google, you will see that the authorship of it is mine.

Google is really powerful and can do everything.

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