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Originally Posted by Logan View Post
Good info SportsGuy, thanks for sharing!!

You mention link exchanges and give some advice, but also say don't participate in threeway links because the search engines can figure them out and don't participate in link exchange programs. Are you ignoring all recip link exchanges, or following thru on ones that meet your standards? If following thru, what do you check to see if a recip link request is good or bad for your site.
Drat - someone was paying attention to that oversight, eh...? Excellent catch Logan.

OK, here goes:

I am not in favor of link exchanges happening because you feel they will help in SEO work.

I believe in using link exchanges for developing traffic and getting a new website spidered.

Now, I realize those two points basically amount to a perspective shift, but that's how I have it squared in my head.

Do I check every website that I would exchange links with - you better believe it. The site itself, and I Control F for select words I don't want to be associated with on their pages, I check the WHOIS data to see if everything seems realistic and I check a sampling of the inbound links they have pointing at them - link spammers beget link spammers.

Sad as this is, if you rub me the wrong way for any reason, I skip the link request.

...and to further refine this point even more, I actually do not, at this point, do any link exchanging with my larger, more established websites.

I think exchanging links is a necessary part of marketing a new website - not search-marketing a new website - just plan old marketing of a product here.

As time goes on, your traffic grows, your userbase increases and you're seen my more users as a "resource" or "authority" site. As sanctimonious as this is going to sound, you've now reached the point where you can afford to skip recip link requests - nature has taken over and the Internet is busy doing what it does best - spreading info (namely yours) far and wide.

It's truly entertaining to watch, week on week, Link Survey reports. The numbers flow like waves on a beach - in, out, up down, big wave there, back to normal, oh look, the tide is out, must be seasonal, etc.

Basically, when you reach a certain point, you have your own gravity. getting their takes traffic to the website, which spins users out to spread the word about you. Those users link to you, thus creating organically grown one way inbound links.

As for threeway links - nope - never - under any circumstances. I know never is a big word - but it's the right word when speaking of three-way link exchanges.

They are seen for what they are these days - link spam.

Hope that helps clarify my original thoughts somewhat. if anyone still has questions, by all means, post up - I'm happy to answer base don what I know.

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