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Originally Posted by Mike.Bean View Post
Anytime Russel, I started to use your methods on twitter and I only put about an hour into it. The very next day I looked I had 5 new followers that I know are in my target market area.

It may not seem like a lot but that only took an hour and it was my first time ever trying it. Now that I feel I have a good process down I know i can get more then just 5 followers in an hour.

Even if I spent an hour a day and got 10 followers in my target market, that's 3,650 followers a year, for FREE. That is a rough guesstimate and the true number could rise or fall but that's pretty good either way.

I did not know twellow even existed somehow... that piece of information was helpful. Then there is Twit Vid, I did not know that was there either. I already have video's on facebook and youtube, but another place to throw your video's on to is one more link to bring people back to your main site, and it will also help your PR.

So thank you for the great information!
Awesome! I am glad your found my advice useful. Believe me that it does get easier as you get more familiar with Twitter and how it works.

Just remember that it isn't all about the numbers either. Even one follower can broadcast your message to all of their followers as well. But, well done, Mike.

Oh and I am also following you on Twitter - love to see how it turns out for you.

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