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Default Parent Company? DBA? Help!

I have a situation...I used to own a small computer consulting business and I had to close up shop a few years ago for multiple reasons (non financial).

Since then I have started a new company dealing with some real estate transactions I have done. I have spent a lot of money forming this company into an LLC and a major amount of time investment building this companies credit history, etc...

I just recently "re-opened" my computer consulting business and was thinking about setting this company up as an "owned" company of company X (my new business entity). I would like to rely on this as a parent company to help when seeking credit for my old computer company.

How could I achieve this?
Any advantages/disadvantages?
Any tax issues I would need to be aware of?

Also...would l just be able to set up a DBA between the two companies?

Thanks for all the help...I'm deep in uncharted territory

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