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Default 18,000 Plus Facebook Fans - How?

Let me share what I have learned as I have built:
up to 18,000 fans.

First, I can't believe how fast this happened! I started on March 29th 2011. I remember being crazy over our 500th fan. Little did I know the growth would be exponential after that.

Second, If your not using Social Media and our an internet business, don't wait any longer! 1/2 Americans are going onto facebook - facebook's model is to keep their users on their site. That will mean less Google, Yahoo, Bing searching. Plus, what other media lets you interact with your customer?

Third, Don't hide behind a logo. My top competitor, one that is 10x bigger than me has 5k fans. And when they post, hardly anyone interacts. Check out my facebook profile picture: it's a real person interacting with the fans. So, put a a face to your profile.

Fourth, Social Media is a long term commitment - Google Adwords, Banner advertising may get the visitor to your site, and either they buy or they dont and they are gone. Facebook gets you to engage with your customers everyday, as often as they let you, they may not buy today, but you have the opportunity tomorrow to get your brand in front of them.

Fifth - Selling is secondary, I created a video for the fans introducing myself and I told them who I was etc...but I also told them that "I dont want to sell them anything" but "I wanted them to want to buy from me"...totally different mindset.

Sixth - Its about them, not YOU. So get them to talk (and they will) respond to every post! Thats what the whole SM thing is about.

Good LUCK to you....gotta go check out what they are saying at

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