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When you arrive at a site that offers SEO services…what is the first thing you want to see / find?

I want to see exactly what they offer and for how much.

What questions do you have about SEO?
How exactly will you take my site and get it into the Top 5 of Google?

What pains you most about SEO?
The fact that the search engines are not more forthcoming about how to rank better.

What guarantees would you like to see?
Moneyback Guarantees are nice - but if there is a catch, people will angry.

How much would you pay per month to have your website listed in the top 5 rankings on Google?

I'd pay $50 a month right now if I knew someone could put me on the first page, near the top. 5 or higher would be awesome!

On a scale of 1 to 10 how interested would you be in a service that equipped you to easily manage your own SEO. 10 = ‘very interested.’

If it was priced reasonably well and had phone support? 8.

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