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I'm not familiar with the capabilities of Yahoo stores, but I suspect it will be difficult to redirect, since I don't think you have the ability to set up an .htaccess file, insert commands in the file <head> section of the file or run your own scripts. If you do have the ability to do one or more of these things, they are all ways that can be used to automatically redirect visitors (including the SE spiders) to the new pages.

If you can let us know what capabilities (if any) you have in those regards, we can advise on how to perform the redirects if they can be done.

As to the SE-friendliness of the new URLs, they sound acceptable, as long as they're unique for each page and you don't have multiple URLs pointing to the same page. They don't appear to contain a session ID and they don't have more than three dynamic parameters, so they should be fine.

If you're asking about whether you need keywords in your URLS for them to be "SE friendly," no, you don't. If you can work keywords in, it's certainly not a bad thing to do, but it doesn't bring the huge benefits some people claim -- if there are any benefits, they are minor at best, and there is disagreement among top SEOs as to whether there's any benefit at all. Basically, it's one of those nice but not necessary things.


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