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Default Keep SE Rank When Changing Urls

I am considering moving my online store from a yahoo store to a corecommerce store. My category and product urls are now words that describe the items, such as (category) and (product).

When I create a category or product in corecommerce, the software automatically assigns a new name. According to their support, the assignment is made thusly: "So if you have created Category A (it's ID, we'll say, is 7), anytime you view the category itself, without viewing the product detail page, you'll be on the following page: (a-c1 = Category A with an ID of 1) [This is done for uniqueness]

If you enter a product's detail page, this changes. If you have created Product A (it's ID, we'll say, is 7 as well), anytime you view the product detail page, the URL will change to: (a-p7 = Product A with an ID of 7) [This is done for uniqueness as well]"

I am concerned about how all these new urls will affect my search engine rank. Does the Corecommerce naming sound search engine friendly? If so, is there a best practices model for naming products and categories so I get the best use of the naming system corecommerce uses?

Finally, is there a way to redirect the old urls so that search engines will pickup on the new urls?

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