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Thank you for the reply. I posted this after yet another day of scouring the IRS publications and simply got so frustrated with it all I wanted somewhere to vent and maybe shed some light as to whether I'm complicating the process or if I'm overlooking something obvious. Needless to say the next day after I got some rest and had time to think I felt very embarrassed having wrote this post but couldn't take it down.

You are trying to do something complex here. You are trying to set up a business that performs professional services across multiple states. That is not an easy task, especially when you lack professional licenses and you may be unwilling to pay for the services of the professionals who can properly advise you on what you need to do to start such a business.
It probably would be best to seek professional help for advice since it's so hard for me to interpret what is and isn't needed for this business idea. I have some certifications I gained in the hopes of starting a pc repair business one day but those aren't legal licenses and only serve to prove I know something ( certainly not a cheap means of proving my worth but definitely cheaper than college ).

I don't have a problem paying for professional advice to guide me through issues, I just got frustrated since sometimes I feel everything is too "pay with a chance of play" but that might just be another way of saying I don't want to risk paying for help just to find out it's not worth pursuing. However that might be exactly why someone in my position should seek help as to whether to rule out pursuing a business venture or to press onward with it.

Before you get into the minutiae of taxes and licenses you really need to get a better sense of the business you want to build and the probability of its success. I am skeptical that you could successfully earn a living offering services in random parts of the country to screw in light bulbs and repairing computers.
A solid business plan is definitely something I don't have as I figured you need to know the laws and requirements before you could make an accurate business plan and how to properly set up the business. Since I've been stuck with figuring out all the laws and requirements I ended up falling short on actual business planning ( which might be making my outlook on things worse ).

The light bulb example was just a joke more or less as I felt it ridiculous that some states require you to be a licensed electrician to do something I and many other people do un-licensed so many times a year in our own homes. Handyman services might very well be something I shouldn't pursue as it clearly isn't worth the current hassle in my situation. Now I'm still utterly lost on whether I need to be a licensed electrician to plug in something in a outlet at someone's home at this point.

Again I appreciate the reply, wish I would have saved myself some embarrassment by not posting the original post but what's done is done. I seriously didn't want to come off as some young kid throwing a tantrum over not being able to do something. Maybe some other time in my life I'll be able to pursue a small business pursuit but for now it seems out of the question. It may be painful now but trekking along being unemployed and without a small business might be my only real course of action. At least I have my health .

I'll continue to look for gainful employment and I'll continue to do any community help I can to keep my spirits up. This whole entrepreneur venture that's caused me so much pain and headache might have just been a way to get my mind off of my life struggles. Plus I'm still young so I have plenty of time to pursue my dream of a life of travel much later.

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