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Welcome to the forum

Couple comments to help you get on track hopefully. You may want to start your own thread so we can discuss your situation specifically.

Is it real that you received Google indexing at day 10? My experience, and maybe others, Google indexing and Google traffic takes months to acquire! Personally I've sent out over 400 emails for recip links.
Jen's experiences are tied into CafePress being a preexisting site within google. Much of your issue might be related to a focus on recip links. Notice Jen hasn't gone that route, and I recommend you consider the same. Recip links are not a good approach currently based on my experiences. You need to focus on building links based on promotion of your unique story, not on i'll pat your back if you pat mine. Many/most believe recip links can even be a big negative to search rankings as the algorithms are advanced enough to spot them and they are commonly considered an seo tactic that the engines do not approve of for manipulating rankings.

85% of the time wearing a SEO hat, and 15% of my time creating content.
Flip that around immediately. Don't forget about seo, write with seo in mind ... but you need to spend more time on creating high quality unique content. It's hard to have a site be considered an authority on a keyword if you don't have the content to support it.

b) The event itself generates traffic, how can the average Small Business Person expect to repeat that effect?
As an outsider, I tend to fall on Jen's side of this. The folks generating traffic from Search Engine Guide are not her audience. It's like me sending folks looking for ice cream to your site. They and I most likely won't be buying a tee that says Milk Jugs

a) Is it real that the common Small Business Person has access to all the Blogs that originally created your Viral Marketing traffic?
Nope, most don't have the audience that Jen does. The area I haven't heard Jen address, which I do think is an unnatural advantage, is linking to her site. While the traffic doesn't help sales, the one way links from other authority sites established in Google plays some role and has a positive impact that is not an avenue others can create as easily. This is because of her presence within a community for a long period of time. I'll give you that, but ... on the flip side, don't we all have some contacts and networking established. She's taking advantage of her pre-existing networking within the seo community and breast feeding forums. I have similar networking contacts within my own circles. I think that's my take, none of us live in a vacuum... and just like Jen has networked we all can do the same within our own circles to get initial buzz going.

That's my two cents on some of the comments regarding objectivity. Regarding the expirement, I am a peer of Jens and its been great to follow along. I'm glad she broadened things to include adsense and cafepress in the mix ... i've learned a thing or two myself. Keep at it!!

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