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Default Lorac - PPC & Website Suggestions

Lorac, your cost per click could be in the $2.00 range for a couple of reasons. one you might be bidding on the same keywords that other cosmetic companies use to - to sell $50-$100 items. If so stop, you wont be able to compete when selling your $10 items.

Look at using Keywords that contain "discount" & "affordable", you should be able to convert these consumers from your site.

Are you using "broad" match type? If you are then look at what "search terms" these broad matches are generating and see if any can be good "negative" candidates.

ALSO, remove immediatley the pop-up that comes up when you go to your site. First most people are put off by that & GOOGLE MAY BE PENALIZING you for this. Google frowns upon pop-ups, but wont ban you, they like your money and if your willing to pay $1.80 a click when you should be paying much less, they will take it. Remove it and see what happens over time with your PPC and conversion rate. You may be surprised.

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