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Originally Posted by Social-Media View Post
The purpose of blogging is 1) to allow you to target keywords phrases that might not necessarily fit into the other portions of your site and 2) build a community where people visit often to get information about your niche.

If you're not fond of writing or not good at it, you'll likely fail at #2. You have to post useful and/or interesting content to build a community.

There is a certain level of commitment that has to be met if you're going to have success using blogging. Just make sure you're willing to invest the time and effort before you start.
I will need to learn some creative writing then. Thanks for the tip.

Originally Posted by BusinessZen View Post
I recently did an extensive post on why blogging works including my actual traffic stats from 2-1/2 years of blogging on a relatively narrow niche. I think the numbers will astound you:

Keep in mind, I've been doing business online since 1995 when I started my first web site. In 2008 I started blogging, and my growth in sales have been 50-100% per year since then.

Its not a small committment - 50% of blogs are abandoned in the first 90 days. But if you stick with it and your message is strong you can reach a lot of people.

You're right. Commitment is probably the hardest part to any blog. Thanks you.

Originally Posted by Social-Media View Post
Yeah... I agree with you Brad.

And I like your theme. Thesis is hands down my favorite WP theme. So SEO friendly out of the box. So neat and professional looking. I don't even bother installing All-In-One SEO plugin as I've never needed it for Thesis.
SEO is a PITA (pain in the *ss) for those who don't know it well such as myself, but good way to drive traffic to websites. Any tips on a selfhelp dictionary?

Originally Posted by TheFiend View Post
Well, ArissaSmith - I can only talk from my experiences when I was blogging for an employer.
We had a small increase over 2 months before the blog slowly took off - and that was mainly due to use of media (ie radio and newspaper), where I told everyone I could about the blog. Pretty soon we were going from around 10 hits a day up to around the 500 a day mark, increasing over the weekend when people had time to read a daily blog.
But, and I cannot stress this enough - it had to be relevant, short and within the boundaries of the business itself. Being a performing arts centre - that ment we had to let people know what shows had just signed (even before tickets went on sale) and behind the scenes preperation.
So, keep it relevant - short and set your boundaries so people know what they can expect from your blog, and at every opportunity - let people know that you are doing a blog - anything at all to get the word out.
Hope that helps.
Wow, too bad I can't afford to hire you! LOL.

Thanks to everyone for your input. They are greatly appreciated.

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