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Originally Posted by metricbuzz88 View Post
Title has a differnet question and the description has a different story.

What Is More Important In SEO..??
The ultimate target of SEO or any other marketing technique is to bring sales. But nowadays many SEO bees forget this and focussing on bringing traffic. A huge amount of traffic brings sales? absoultely NOT. Focussing on the targeted traffic with the help of content. Direct the users to the website. Make them stay in the website with Good speed, navigation by optimizing the code.

What is the different aspects of SEO.?
SEO has the ability to do the following
1. Sales and Conversion
2. Branding
3. Domain authority
4. Targeted traffic
5. Reducing of bounce rates
6. Beat the competitors websites
7. Helps to achieve top rank positions.
I agree with title. If you have good title, you're going to get more weight.

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