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Default Promotional advertising

A bit of follow-up.

What percentage of the $3500 for "their" marketing package is for self-promo advertising of the products you hope to sell.

I spend very little on marketing my business for anything other than promotional products. Since my purchase of logo'ed ink pens, coffee mugs, pocket screwdrivers, USB memory sticks, and almost any of the 800K plus products we have to offer. My biggest expense outside self-promos is my 3 Chamber of Commerce memberships, which run less than $700 per year.

I'll spend far more than that passing out self-promo shrimp peelers, travel mugs, etc, but it's all targeted to prospects and clients in my markets of SW Louisiana, Beaumont, Orange, Port Arthur, and Houston (metro) Texas.

Yellow page ads, newspaper, radio, internet banners and pay-per-click (PPC) just can't deliver the 'impact' of my putting my products into the hands of qualified buyers.

Here's a recent example of a successful self-promo I'm using -

I ordered 12 of these (at my subsidized price of course). So far, I've given away 5 to clients and 3 as door prizes through Chamber of Commerce events in the past 2 weeks. So far, I've written 6 orders for 12 to 30 pieces at the Kaeser & Blair special price of $14.99 (plus $50 one-time set-up charge).

That's nearly $2000 in orders for 5 clients and one new buyer (in 7 days), with more orders pending, and I still have 4 more to give away. And my total subsidized price was less than $150 for the 12 initial pieces, with less cost on repeat orders. Those orders came from small to medium cities in Louisiana, Houston, and one rural Texas client - credit unions, vo-tech school, communications company, an automotive garage, and a take-out pizza vendor. I have a couple other potential orders that may take a week or two for approval.

I'll definitely be ordering at least 2 dozen more.

$150 for PPC or banner advertising online isn't likely to produce near the results in 2 weeks or two months from my experience - if you can even set up a feasible online campaign for $150. My knowledge of promotional advertising allows me to choose my marketing products from past experience, with free advise from the suppliers, multi-line reps, as well as K & B. Getting advice for internet advertising will cost more for skilled advice (no PPC or banner ads) than my total cost for the self-promos with TTL added.

And with every item I give away, I'm demonstrating to my prospect or client my belief in the products I sell. When they see my as an individual giving away the same 3 Gallon, stainless steel and plastic Bubba Keg that I can sell them for only $14.99, they are responding - Immediately. All six orders came within 24 hours of showing the product. Three of the orders were sold in 2 minutes or less. No that spells R E S U L T S in any language.

Just my 2 cents worth for anyone considering investing serious money in marketing promotional products with other media.

(I realize those selling exclusively via the internet with have to do some form of online marketing, unless they already have excellent traffic they can direct to the site. I sold off line for 15 years before even getting a computer online in my office, and still prefer to make face-to-face contact with my clients at least once a year, with exception for the few online customers I've had for the past year to 10 years.

I apologize for the length of this post, but when it comes to my industry, I'm definitely brevity challenged.


BASSCO, Inc. We sell promotional products, Caps, pens & more.

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