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From what I have seen, it is possible to make money from FB....BUT the majority of it's uses are for branding & another way for Co's to interact/engage with their customers.

I have made money sending traffic from FB Ad's to an anti-snoring website I have....but I lost a lot in the process of testing & testing again & again to target the right age, gender & then comes the wording & the picture decisions of the Ad, along with all the variables on where they are taken i.e. the website.

The number of 'Likes' can be seen as some sort of authority to potential customers. e.g. if you were about to buy a product from a Co you hadn't heard of before & looked at their FB page; what would make you feel 'safer' in your purchase: 122 Likes or 8,600 Likes ??

It is things like that which FB is good for.

Hope this helps

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