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AUGUST 29, 2011

I write HTML in Notepad
Wow... I haven't heard of anyone doing that for a LONG TIME! I used to play with it... but I kept missing the little things that caused errors.

Logan, just to confirm, I am using our proprietary CMS and Shopping Cart. Sorry, I should have made that a little clearer.

To date, I have all the basics of the site up and running. Although right now, the home page needs a little more content, it provides the basic details.

I used by Google Webmaster account to 'add' the site. I used the <meta> option where I was able to paste the one line of code (provided by Google) into the <head> section of the page, and then asked Google to verify. (Actually, that happened on Saturday, August 27th.)

Today, the site is indexed in Google. Well, that doesn't mean it's going to start to appear in the SERP's just yet, but at least they know about it, and that's about as much as you can ask for when you're working with a TOTALLY NEW SITE AND DOMAIN NAME.

-Finishing content for downloads when visitors subscribe. As I mentioned in earlier posts, I am (sort of) going overboard here. It's my 'over-deliver' concept. Just looking around, the site is going to be in a competitive field, so going the extra distance is one way to improve registrations.

-Starting the series of Auto Responder messages. That's pretty quick work, but each one will include links and just need to be sure they are all correct. (Although I say it's quick work, part of that is because I have always maintained lists for sites that I have operated. So maybe it's easier for me. However, this is (what I think) a critical part to the long term success of any website. It's all about staying in touch with visitors. I didn't say hammering them to sell them all the time... no! It's about building a relationship. So it is important to hold their attention and continue to deliver good content. That means good subject lines on messages; short messages so they actually get read and not ditched... and all of that stuff! Just wanted to be clear!)

That's it for now. We're pretty much still on target for the launch at the end of this month... or maybe over this long weekend (so I can work while everyone else is out there playing!)

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