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Default SEM ROI Tracking for PPC

Look at the first page of Google.... SEO is becoming less and less prevalent on the page. In some searches I see less than 5 organic listings.

Careful with small PPC budgets - You will be come a hater - Start Small - Like a couple days at most. Moniotor your ROI and turn up your budget if you are maintaining the conversion.

I have a page I :
spent $10/day -made $20 (7 day test)
spent $20/per day made $40 (7 day test)
-Added more keyword targets
spent $30/per day made $55 (7 day test)
spent $40/per day made $60 (7 day test)
Now its time to look at a couple things
-On page - look at site stats for trends/bounce rate changes/pages/visit/etc - points to traffic quality
-Look at keywords and CTR - points to traffic quality
Time to get out the pruners and drop some keywords or change budgets
Based on your findings you can adjust your pages or your targets and budgets to increase conversions.

Pretty simple stuff!

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