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Sadly, you cannot just blog about something you are passionate about and expect to make money. You need to decide whether or not your are blogging for money or not.

If you are blogging for money, then you need to do the proper keyword research and then search engine optimize your blog and posts to rank for those keywords. The truth is some niches make more money than other niches, and you have to do the proper keyword research in order to determine what those are.

To make money at blogging you have to approach it through smarts, not brute force. Cranking out article after article blindly will get you no where. You should first determine what niches are profitable, use a software program like Market Samurai to do that. Next, find the most populat keywords within that niche and get your blog ranked for those phrases. Again, you can use Market Samurai. You will then, over time, get listed on the first page of Google. More Traffic From Google=Cash. Of course you'll have to do some backlink building in order get those rankings.

Alternatively, you can take the approach of Ramit Sethi or Tim Ferris and create killer content; guest blog and join blog carnivals, and hope that other bloggers are so impressed by you that they link back to you and drive traffic. Though this strategy is a long shot for most. Ramit site is and Tim is at

The other important factor is having an opt-in on your blog. Your list is a great source of money and allows you to connect with your readers on a whole new level. You will need an autoresponder such as Aweber. You'll also need the plug-in "FasterIM Opt-In" for Wordpress. This is probably the easiest way to install an opt-in box.

You can get more information on successfully setting up and promoting a blog at Blogging For Dollars.

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