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Bravo for wanting to start a business while in college. That shows some real entrepenurial spirit. After doing some more research into your "office assistant" idea, you may decide there are greener pastures to explore. But my advice would be to focus on providing a *service* rather than trying to sell a product. Selling a product presents all sort of cash flow difficulties, inventory issues, marketing challenges, and usually much, much lower profit margins. Service is where the profits are at. If you zero in on a service you could provide that people don't want to provide themselves, or are unable to do themselves, you could have a marketable business right away. The advantage to sevice businesses is that you can usually start by yourself with some basic training, a few tools and a vehicle. Some examples: lawn care (or create a niche of Organic lawn care), handyman, trash removal, house, office or medical office cleaning, or dryer vent cleaning. I actually teach a dryer vent cleaning business training course, so I have seen guys with no experience be able to learn the skills, get some heavy duty marketing know-how, buy a few tools and start making $150/hr with just them and their van. So look for a service you could provide that people have to do frequently, that they either don't like to do or don't have the proper tools to do themselves. Just identify a problem in peoples lives (I hate mowing my lawn, my grass isn't as green as my neighbors, I have a dirty house, my office needs cleaning, my dryer vents are a fire hazard and my clothes are taking too long to dry) and figure out how you can solve their problem. Best of luck

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