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Ah I see. Well, my idea is something like, general help to other companies and such. Like, prty much anything. But I wonder, what sort of help do they need in general?

My employers will be prty much students. So all they would be able to do is type work, physichal work... I rly do not know =/.

Seems like I still need to work on the idea, but I am rly new to this... As said, prty much my business would work to help out other business's to grow and survive I guess. If in this case my employers cannot be students and require some schooling or experience, that will be ok as well.

Regarding the start capital, I would like for it to be at a minimum. Let us say, enough in order to pay 3 employers for 2-3 months.

All I can say about me is that I can make people agree on my terms, so cutting a deal should not be impossible. I am great at management, organization and such of groups of people or teams. I am great at coming up with ideas and such.

Hope this info helps so I can get some help as well :P

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