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100 years of trust ... lol. Kidding aside, I think it is something that has changed over time. While I do not think the length of registration impacts rankings whether 10 years or 1 year, I do think it is one of many signals that google does look at it. I think if you are not doing anything sketchy, then the length of domain name registration is not a factor to be worried about. I think a more important issue might be to make sure you have autorenewal, etc in place so that you ensure you don't lose rights to the domain name registration. A site that does rank, is the first to go in the after market domain auctions and the toughest/costliest (usually) to get back.

Length of time the site has been in place, and more importantly to me ... the length of time other links have been pointing to the pages within the site play a role ... often correlated to domain name registration length - but a separate factor.

I give it zero weight

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