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Default OK..any feedback???

Hopefully you have had some time to implement the suggestions in this post, how did it go? Did you increase your CTR? Lower your CPC? Increase your Conversion Rate? and/or lower your Cost per Acquistion?

Here is a guide if you failed or want to do better in any of the above areas:

CTR - If you have a low Click Through Rate it is a direct function of your ad...Your ad doesnt match the keywords or you ad is not compelling enough. If you dont or cant put the keywords in the ad itself then you have the wrong ad for your keywords, if the ad matches the keywords then you need to scrap the existing Ad(s) (remember you better be running more than one ad to test which one works) and make it more compelling.

CPC - if your cost per click is too high check to see the averge position. If it is 1 or 2 lower the bid immediatley. I have found that position 3 is by far the best, so shoot for an average of 3 (you never can pin point a position you have to play with it). If your Quality Score is less than a 7 you will have a higher CPC than you should, the landing page or Ad doesnt contain the keywords so strip out the keywords that dont match the ad into its own group and get that QS to at least a 7.

Conversion Rate - If the conversion rate is less than 2.5% your website doesnt carry the message that the ad has. You need to carry on the message in the ad to the website. A poor conversion rate means your website doesnt match the ad. You need to find out why. Is it the wrong keyword set? Does your website make it difficult for the customer to trust you or does your website not have what was promised in the ad. Correct this and the Revenue and Conversion Rates will rise.

Cost per Acquistion - If the cost of the sale is more than the average order size and this happens alot in AW's then either you have a high click through and low conversion rate or your cost per click is too high. Your CPA will naturally correct itself once you find the right balance between CTR, CPC, and CR.

Let me know how your doing out there!

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