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Default NVU And 1&1

I'm hoping someone can give me a couple of pointers. I originally built my site through 1&1 using their website builder. I had someone build me a new website and they used NVU. My new site is up but I want to be able to change and add things when I want to.

I have made some changes in NVU and clicked on publish but it doesn't publish.

Here is what the person who built the site told me to do.

Go to View => Publish Settings => Click on CynAssist in the left box => and the Publishing address should be the ftp:// from above. Then click “OK”.

It still won't publish. If I look at my site through 1&1 it's my old site. I obviously don't get how this works.

Can someone tell me what I'm missing. I've read books, looked on line, etc. but I just don't get it. I've also looked through the FAQ's in 1&1.


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