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Default Laptop Cooling Fan Question

I have a dell laptop with an intel cpu which is currently in the shop for repairs.
the technician told me that the cooling fan is completely worn. Now I do strain my laptop on a daily base but Iíve noticed something.
Previously, I had a hp laptop with turion x2 cpu, now every couple of months, I had heating problems, taking it to the shop, repasting the thermal compound and cleaning the fan did the trick. both computers have endured the same strain in the same environment.
Now, I know amd cpus needs better heat dispersement, but can it be that intel fans worn down more easily then amd fans in laptops?
Another thing, when I talked to the technician, he said that whoever build the computer when I bought it didnít removed the plastics of the gpu and chipset that comes on them when they are sent from the factory in order to safeguard it. Now can that be related to the worn down of the fan in any way? Is it possible that the fan tried to vent down the heat for other parts beside the cpu?

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