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Originally Posted by Nutty View Post
I would always run PPC on a new website for the first 3 months just to get myself going and to allow me to view more keywords and what will work and what won't

Yeah, that's a great approach Simone.

People tend to polarize this topic as an "us versus them" approach. But as you've pointed out, the two can help each other.

SEO takes time and the worst thing to find out after achieving your SEO objectives and getting a keyword ranked is that it "doesn't convert". Using PPC or other paid traffic means to first identify the keywords you want to attack is an excellent strategy.

You can spend some money on PPC with no real objective of "making money" with the campaign, but really just to "learn" from it - to find the keywords that convert. Once you have your list of converting keywords you can then split off onto two parallel efforts.

#1 - Refine and optimize your PPC campaign to see if you can get it profitable (not always possible depending upon your budget and resources)

#2 - Launch your SEO campaign targeting those keywords you now know to be effective.

Good stuff... :-)


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