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Originally Posted by jsingerston View Post
My advice is to visit other blogs that are getting traffic (you can tell by how many comments are left on those blogs) and start a conversation on there. Read what that blogger has written and ask questions about it. You will get other people to notice you and offer their opinions. It is better to ask questions than it is to simply offer an opinion. By asking questions you engage people. You get them involved in your conversation and entice them to speak back to you.

Do this a bunch of times at the same blogs all the time. It helps immensely if those blogs have the same general audience of readers that you are trying to attract. Then begin to branch out doing the same things at other blogs until you develop an audience at your own blog. Once you have an audience at your own blog, you can just reserve your comments for the most valuable blogs in your niche instead of spreading yourself thin

Ive actually got a question on this. When you say to visit other peoples blogs, and comment on them, how does this generate traffic to your blog without you posting some kind of link to your blog?

What I am asking: how is simply leaving an interesting comment on somebody's popular blog going to get traffic to your blog? I am sure I just do not know how it all works, so If you could enlighten me I would much appreciate it
Thank you.

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