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Default Newbie, Need Advice

hi everyone, newbie here. I need some advice. I'm starting a new business that I bought into. I know u have to invest money in order to make money. But I'm feeling pressured into spending LOTS of money right out of the gate by the company I bought into to. They want me to spend $3500 for the initial advertising package. Of course I was thinking on a much smaller scale and had some of the same ideas as they do but I would do the work myself at a much lower cost. I guess its all relative as to how much u spend and how much u can make but it makes me very nervous. Do you think starting on a smaller scale and doing a lot of the advertising avenues on my own will pay off, just take a little longer? Or should I jump both feet first all the way?

I purchased my business through a private company called Image Incentives, and my website can be found here:

What do you guys think ? Thanks for your input.

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