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Originally Posted by JackieHFS View Post
Make them want to stop: Nice inviting booth that catches attention (dress nice/neat)! Don’t just sit at your booth and watch them walk by – because they will. I couldn’t believe the people running their booths that just sat at their booths, often behind their table as people just walked by. Pull them into a conversation and get them into your booth! Of course the weather is always a topic of conversation so we probably have an advantage there. We also had live radar running and it caught their eye especially with the storm system running up the east coast and into the Northeast. We also had a 32 inch monitor with Hurricane Katrina footage and other severe weather events running.

Thanks as well Jackie,

Your analysis of exhibitors is more spot on than many may realize.

I was contacted yesterday by a nationally known craft magazine asking to reprint my January 9th blog post – “What does attitude have to do with sales?” - on this same subject. If you are interested you can see it by following the link to my blog below in my signature.

Although the blog post is directed to the art and craft industry, the same basic principles apply in all sales environments.


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