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Originally Posted by @Xpert_Service View Post
There is a lot of flash going on, which is catchy to the eye but kind of seems a bit over the top. Seems very modern feeling tho. I'd really like the four services to be higher up on the page so I don't have to scroll that far down. My eyes skip right past the menu and go to those services for more information. The banner is kind of big and doesn't really explain what the company or the page is for, at least it's not immediately clear. Or I'm just an idiot lol. Also, I think you should have a phone number and contact info towards the top of the page.

Overall I think the layout is really good and appealing. I wanted to reload your page and do the flash over again.
Firstly, I would like to thank you for the time you have taken to give the review. I always appreciate when someone has something good to say and will surely enhance the website.


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