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I actually just found out this month that they've implemented this. Although it's an interesting new factor they want to take into account, it is an obvious hindrance especially for online start-ups who want to save as much as possible esp. in terms of server costs.

@ Tiggerito - I agree with you; speed affects visitor experience...but on the other hand think about fast-loading sites that have plagiarized content from slow-loading sites that have original content.

The fast sites will gain more visitors, and in this sense they will profit more so they'll have enough to maintain their fast servers. In the same light, the slower sites with original content will be pushed further and further down the SERPs.

I know I'm exaggerating here, but hey...never underestimate a 1% influence; it might just be the percentage that pushes your site from position #10 to position #11 (which pushes you to the 2nd page of the Google SERPs at default setting).

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