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Default An important question, please somebody help me!!!

Hello everybody, I am italian and I work for a company of comunication and promotion of events.

My boss gave me a research to do, please, I need your help.

Ok, listen to me, I will give you some example, and please forgive me if my english is bad:

1) In Italy there is a chain of opticians that makes you a discount higher the less you can see. So, the bigger is the problem to your eyes, the biggest discount you have. If you cannot see the 90%, you have the 90% discount

2) always in Italy there is a chain of supermarkets that gives you higher discounts the older you are. So if you are 70 years old you have a bigger discount than if you are 60 years old

3) A tourist resource center in south-america gives you an higher discount on the travel the more you are old: if you are for example 60 years old you pay less than if you are 40 years old

4) An american bio-food company to promote a good healty life-style gives to his employers higher discounts on buying its food if you are not too fat, if you don't smoke and you can prove all this you have an higher discount.

This could sound like discrimination but it is not: it is a way to promote and to make save money to people with problems.

Now, my question is this:

DO YOU PLEASE HAVE OTHER EXAMPLES OF THIS KIND OF MARKETING EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD? Please don't think just about the "age" or the "problems"...use your fantasy, give me examples that could sound like this. For example a wine-tasting tour that makes pay more people that had alcool problems....or for example a music instrument store that if you show you are a very good musician but you don't have enough money to buy the guitar, it gives you more discount.

many thanks for your support!!!

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