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It is good to hear you are finding the site helpful.

So, I checked the domain info and it looks like we are not indexing for town2, but are indexed for town1. No clue why google didn't check out the whole site when it crawled the town1 info.
Well, that explains why you aren't seeing any results for town2 yet. Just give it some time. Regarding why google didn't check out the whole site, that is just how search engines work. They don't spider your entire site every time they visit. Pages that are more popular (i.e. have external links going to them) may be spidered more frequently than other pages. Eventually they will update all, but it does go basically in order of link popularity.

I'd try to establish links from other sites directly to town2 page.

One factor not mentioned, are these towns the same size/popularity. For example when you search google for "town1" (using quotes) how many results are there versus "town2". The fewer the results (number of pages in google with that keyword) the easier it is going to rank for that keyword.

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