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Have you verified that search engines have actually indexed the new page content?? That is, have you checked using the '' in the search box to see the date of the last cache?? Although you may have added the content a while ago, search may not have indexed it yet. Their cache may still be the old page.

Also, I agree with oneplace:
Often when new content has been created and/or updated, the search engines see the difference and reduce that page's rankings because it's not relevant for the same phrases anymore. You'll have to wait a few weeks to a couple months to see increases in the rankings for town2 with new content.
I know many times when I update content or 'tweek' page titles, etc., the effects take some time to actually happen.

One other issue... how many terms/phrases are you targeting per page? I try to limit them to 3 although they are usually pretty similar. Remember, if your title & meta description are not relevant to page content, then your search rank in organic search is going to fall.

I hope this helps!

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