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Default Mobile Application Marketing - Thoughts

There is no doubt that the mobile community is expanding. The latest statistic read that 1 in 4 mobile users in America use smart phones. This number is only more likely to grow, as more grab hold of the expanding market of iPad's and other super app friendly tablet PC's. Most of us who have seen the explosion have likely also considered how useful they can be to our businesses, projects, or potential business ideas.

The potential growth to be said from mobile apps is amazing, most notably from the idea that you can reach more people much quicker. For example, Jerry Brown and last years San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom both have their own personal app. and during Obama's candidacy he was able to drive campaign dollars and amass more the $650 million in total donations, mostly from the 3 million facebook and app. contributors. He did so simply by connecting with younger, tech-savvy voters with disposable incomes (half of whom donated less than $200). In the election to come, I expect all leading candidates to have utilized their own personal app.

Musicians can use their personal apps to show tour dates, listen to music samples from the group, link with their social media tools, buy albums and mp3's, and raise cash. Wineries can make connections and stay connected with the most relevant and influential wine lovers all over the world.

Athletes can use a personal app. to boost viral activity and grow their fan base.

Authors can use it as a cost effective way to expand a book's reach.

Colleges and Non-Profits can benefit from having an app. as a way to connect and stay connected to the most relevant and influential supporters.

Benefits Of Having An App Include:

* A proven way to boost business and sales.
* Connect your business with younger, tech-savvy consumers with disposable incomes.
* Centralize your companys social media activity.
* Fast & Easy Creation and Update Time.
* Cost effective Maximize your advertising ROI.
* Instant Access To Millions of iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads & Android Devices

What are some thoughts? I see so a ton of potential here in the coming years. For those with businesses, or business ideas, what might the benefit be of owning an app for your business?

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