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I'm not sure what screen resolution you were using when you designed the site or if you tested it in multiple browsers, but on my monitor (1024x768 which is very common) the text on the home page is so tiny I could barely read it. Also, the featured items are being pushed to the bottom of the page. When visitors land on your site I think they will feel overwhelmed by the large amount of small text and leave without reading it.

I also feel that there is too much going on with movement, sound and bouncing navigation. Less is truly more, especially when the products you are selling speak of "elegance".

You have to be careful when adding background sound to a site built with a content management system. The sound is reloading with every page so it gets very annoying after awhile. Not a good thing if you want visitors to spend a lot of time on your site browsing through your jewelry. Remember that many people surf the internet now with music playing in the background from iTune, Pandora, etc. Sounds playing over top of their music can be very irritating.

Good luck!

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