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Originally Posted by Brock View Post
Does a link from a blog, or forums increase, or decrease your site rank the same way a link to another site does?
Links from other pages will almost never hurt your page. This is because the search engines have lots of smart people working for them -- smart enough to figure out you can't control who links to you. They're not inclined to downgrade your pages because of things outside your control.

If links pointing to your page could downgrade your rank, it would be trivially easy for your competitors to knock you out of the search results, just by linking a bunch of low-value pages to yours (spammy "free directories", low-value splogs, etc.)

The search engines are not about to make it that easy for competitors to manipulate their rankings.

On the other hand, the links you place on your pages pointing out to other pages can indeed "hurt." This is because you have control (or at least, you should have control) over who you link to and how you code those links.

Experienced SEOs don't worry about what the toolbar PR display number is. That infrequently-updated and inaccurate display is not the real PR that Google uses in rankings. And they know even "real" PR is only one of between 100 and 200 factors Google employs in determining rankings -- so the PR we mere mortals can see should not be the sole (or even a major) criteria in determining who to link out to, or who to seek out links from.

Link out to pages that are truly useful to your site visitors. Link out to pages you'd be proud to recommend to someone if they were standing right there in person in front of you. Actively seek out links from reputable pages that seem to have a probability of sending targeted traffic to your site, and don't sweat the rest.

Use those sorts of things as your criteria (not the bogus toolbar PR number) and you can't go wrong.



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