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Originally Posted by Brock View Post
Does a link from a blog, or forums increase, or decrease your site rank the same way a link to another site does? For example this thread that I'm posting on right now has a page rank of 0 so would it hurt my site if I linked to it here? Also if I posted it with bad grammer and spelling would it be discredited?
Hello, links from blogs and forums can definitely help your site. What's most important about a link from another site is that the site has something to do with your website... i.e industry or content. For example, if you were running a furniture site, a link from some type of furniture association site would be worth more than a link from a site having to do with SEO.

I don't know for sure that a post would be discredited for bad grammar or spelling, but the words surrounding a link are important, so it's best they have something to do with the page they are linking too, and yes, I suppose if you used the king's english that would be a plus.


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