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Free or cheap web hosting is not a great idea and like `@sequencehosting stated "free and cheap do not go well together"

If you are selling products why would you choose free hosting?

Free hostings have a nasty habit of being down a lot, this would annoy your visitors and do more damage than good and not save you any money or make any if the website has many issues of being down

The support will also not be very good as paid customers will always come above free

You could try HostGator but I have never tried free hosting as we run dedicated servers in the USA with The Planet, these servers are managed and rarely suffer down time

I would seriously re-think your decision on free/cheap hosting and consider your business, why damage your reputation before you even get going?

Years ago we ran cheap hosting and for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the company, anyway, we had no end of problems every other day we were getting calls "website is down", trying to speak to someone at the company never got us anywhere so we just had to wait until the server came back online, we didnīt do this for long before we moved everything to the company we are now with - the stress was just too much and I just got annoyed in the end with spending my time calling a hosting company when I should have been spending my time generating leads/sales

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