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Wow! I was all ready to respond and then read Logan and Robert's posts. I think they said most of it better than I could have.

Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you here and appreciate you taking the time to ask questions. All of the ones you asked are excellent and likely ones that lots of readers were asking themselves but that hadn't yet been brave enough to post in the forums. I'd imagine they are all thanking you silently right now.

This exercise seems more akin to Martha Stewart saying to the girl scout, watch how I sell brownies. Martha immediately goes to her speed dialer and starts making calls.
Gotta tell you, this made me crack up. Mostly because I can't even dream of someone comparing me to Martha Stewart. If you'd ever meet me in person you'd know why that was funny. (why just last week I was pulling snot strings out of Elnora's nose with my bare hands because she had such a bad cold...I don't guess Martha does that very often.)

But Robert answered that one very well...there's no denying that I have an advantage over most start-ups, but I'd argue that the real advantage is that my real job is to teach people about marketing. It's my background. To be quite honest with you, the idea of starting this project was sort of terrifying. Can you imagine how embarrassed I would have been if I was sitting here on day 15 without a drop of profit? Who would want to listen to me anymore? It was a pretty big risk to write this series, but thankfully, it's been going very well.

I've started a small business web site and have worked it on average 65 hours a week. It's a good unique idea that produces content.
This is where I really feel for you. Believe me. I've spent more than two weeks working almost non-stop to make the amount of money that I'd make from an hour of consulting. If I didn't "get it" before about the struggle of small business owners, I most certain get it now.

Hope you stick around!

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