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Lots of good ideas here... just keep in mind, "viral marketing" isn't really a thing. At least, not to the extent that you can create something designed to go viral with any sort of assurance it actually will go viral. You can create lots of interesting, useful content with cute taglines and catchy headlines and beautiful images — but none of that is a guarantee that people are going to share your content far and wide. And that's what "viral" is: something that is passed from one person to another like a virus.

And it's really, really hard to tell what's going to capture the public's imagination. For every "Yodel Boi" or "Gym Kardashian" meme... there are literally thousands of other, equally fun/funny/thought-provoking/useful/etc. bits of content that go virtually unnoticed.

Create excellent content and do your best to promote it through whatever channels are available and frequented by your target audience. Don't worry about whether it is (or will become) "viral."

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