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Default Multitasking? It May Be Killing Your Productivity & Creativity

As a small business entrepreneur since age 21, a single dad of three young boys, and a typically wide-open website designer and web developer I’ve learned firsthand that the skill of focusing is critical when it comes to being both productive and successful.

I've quoted an excerpt below from a recent article written on my own website about the topic of Multitasking vs. Focus. Feel free to visit the original article (link below) but also the intent of this thread is to spark discussion within this thread and on this forum.

My original article on The Power of FOCUS – How Multitasking Actually Sabotages Your Productivity & Creativity

Despite what the ever popular corporate culture wants us to believe, we as human beings are not wired up for multitasking. Multitasking indeed has it’s place but it’s not at the forefront of exemplary productivity and creativity. Performance wise we are at our peak when we’re focused. When we’re really focused and we’re leveraging our skills, creativity, and talents in a process that is challenging it becomes fertile ground for operating in a peak performance state known as “flow” or “being in the zone”.

We all can relate to the feeling of having your skill set completely match the challenge at hand to the point that you lose yourself in what you are doing. It’s akin to a relaxed state of complete concentration and absorption where you become ‘one’ with the task at hand – your sense of time is diminished or even nonexistent, any sense of nervousness or anxiety completely diminishes and trivial thoughts not related to the task at hand evaporate on the spot.

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