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Default A NEW Baby Is Born!

It's the holidays and a new baby is born, No[/b], it's not what you think. There is no immaculate conception here - the new baby is a new website. This is the second attempt after the first one failed miserably! The good thing is NOW I know why. I have corrected that and am currently adding more stores to the website daily, along with little tweeks here and there ... kinda like adding new decorations to the Christmas tree AFTER it is up and initially trimmed.

As a lot of you know, this whole internet website thing is constantly in a state of flux. Always learning, always searching for something new and different to add that makes it more appealing.

So... if anyone in the forum has suggestions for something NEW or maybe something to CHANGE. Just give a little whistle and we will see what happens. No suggestions or comments will be discounted (another lesson from the first website). Thanks in advance-you're a GREAT GROUP


Denis S

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