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I agree in terms of the original poster, although hopefully he will come back with data to support the increased traffic.
In terms of these forums and signatures, my thought is that you should have a signature with your company message, but your results should be slow organic growth in traffic. If you are productive in the forums and helping people rather than just constantly trying to sell to people then naturally the traffic to your site should increase. It is a similar strategy to "social" media. People don't go on facebook and other social media sights to be "sold" to, they go there to socialize. If you add something to the conversation, then your credibility will increase and so will qualified web traffic. There is actually another thread here that debates All traffic vs Quality Traffic and depending on your business type and assuming the only cost to acquire page views in these forums is time, there is no bad traffic if it is free. If I were to post something that was helpful to a small business owner and they check my link to verify my credibility, but have no interest in my services today, they could still remember me later when they do need my services or if someone in their network does. The bottom line though is that you have to contribute to the conversation here.

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