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sorry about the last just made me very mad when i read his posts and he had took my words and twisted them around to contradict everything i had said...i looked for the post but i couldnt find it but if he reads this he will know what i am talking about...i am here to help if anyone has any questions post them or email me...i will answer them either way..i will also show you what my company can offer you..and no that is not a sales pitch because im telling you right now my company wont be the best deal for some of you and i will gladly tell you that as well and send you to a company that has what you are looking for...the company i work for offers alot more than just merchant services also...we offer consumer financing programs for people with bad credit..90 days same as cash programs...even capitol for your business if you wanted to expand or buy new equipment...i have some articles i have talked about before i will post on here when i get in my office...i was out the last few days of th eweek due to a death in my family but i will post for everyone to see...maybe i can turn this thread into a little study course on merchant services...sorry if my last post was a little aggressive i was just very angry at the time...also robin i will email you them articles tomorrow when i get in my office i have not forgot about next posts i will put some useful info for all to read

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