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Default finding good employees

Craigslist is ok, but to be honest, I've never really found any clients worth their salt on craigslist...most of them were bottom feeders.

So, perhaps the kind of employees you're getting off craigslist are those that are not serious either.

There are some studies that suggest that the reason people stay with a company is not money but because of recognition and the opportunity to advance.

If you're offering fair wages and benefits, I'd suggest looking somewhere else for employees. Think about who your ideal employee would be. What would their interests and habits be? My family and I owned a cleaning business some years back and we found that people who major responsibilities (married, kids, bills) had a lot more incentive to work than college kids. Also, a lot of retired people were good workers. They just wanted to work to have something to do. They were older and much more settled.

The cleaning business is not the most glamorous and a lot of people have a problem getting their hands dirty. Try approaching janitors that are working for a company during the day. A lot of them are not getting paid a whole lot and would love to do some extra work in the evenings and nights.

Good luck

Enigma Valdez

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I have a small cleaning company and have more business than I do the employees to handle it. I keep finding employees off of craigslist but they do not seem to stay longer than a month or so. Does anyone have any ideas about advertising for employees for a small cleaning company. I am considering advertising in our local papers. What do you think?

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