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But…and this is the reason I began this thread in the first place…I saw someone post that they had saved up the $50k they need to start-up their new business. Then they asked what business people thought they should start.
And I think by posting these sort of questions is their first step in doing what you say to do, "research", I havent read the post you speak of but Im sure the person had no intention of just dumping 50g into something without even thinking. I think 95% of the population are a little smarter than that. Everyone needs to ask that first question somewhere. Im sure most of us at some stage have asked someone a question which seem too basic to the other person.

Like I keep saying I agree with most of what you are saying, but I also worry that people will be putting off starting up because they feel they think they need to know everything before starting, which in most cases is impossible. Or I also worry that the people will become too afraid to ask questions like this because they will be judged, and then go and make a bad decision.

As for starting a lawn mowing business. If you don't know how to fix and maintain the mowers you're likely to pay too much for your mower repairs and maintenance.
Or you could just keep concentrating on mowing lawns while you get a professional to fix it faster and better. After all if you could fix lawn mowers why not start a lawn mower mechanic shop


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