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Posted by Crimson Fox
Sorry about the sarcasm.
No need to apologise, Im used to sarcasm, Im married

I personally knew nothing
Mate, 6 years ago other than being able to draw up a couple of basic business cards for my friends and family, I knew jack about running a business, I didnt even know how to invoice a customer. (come to think of it I didnt even know what an invoice was). I had no sales experience, nothing! Zilcho!

All Im saying is I agree with what you say about research, but not all of us (in fact I would dare to say very few of us) have or had the pleasure of going into business knowing everything thing there is to know about running a successful business. So for all the people reading this thread who are thinking of starting a business, Yes learn as much as you can before starting but remember you will probably never know everything, learning while running your business is very normal in fact I think you will probably learn a lot faster.

As far as researching about the industry you are in, the amount of research needed before starting varies from industry to industry, for example those who are about to embark on starting a nuclear power plant obviously need to do more research than those who are about to start a lawn mowing business.

For someone who is starting the power plant take Crimson Fox's advice and make sure you know everything there is to know about the industry (please), Yet for those starting the lawn mowing business take my word for it You do not need to find a job in the industry, work in it for two years while you work your way up the ladder to become hedge trimming manager as Crimson Fox would have you do hehehe.

CF I really dont want to be taken out of context but I am absolutely positive that you yourself do not know everything about running a business and I doubt there would be many business owners that could lay claim to the title of "He who knows all". That being said I am sure that there are many who can label themselves as "He who knows a lot but not all"

I'll send you out a catalogue of our magical fairy land products if you want to see what we do, you would probably be interested in our stuff (or maybe not now that ive made this post ) We send a lot of stuff to Melbourne. (hope thats not taken as spam)

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