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Default Not Showing Up On Google Page, Need Help.

Guys i need some informations regarding this. I saw some tips on here saying "multi-phrases kewords" can help me index at google place because they are less competitive. So i suggest it to my friend. This friend of mine is working on one site. The website is and she uses multi-phrases keywords like what I've suggest. Here are the keywords "wedding gifts for wedding party, his and hers wedding bands, wedding engagement rings, diamond engagement rings, sterling silver jewelry and many more". In short she uses multi-phrases for her keywords to the idea of lesser competitive keywords. She's working on it for 2months, she just started last September 6, 2010. Until now it was not showing up on google. What we are thinking is that since she's using multi-keyword phrases and less competitive word like "wedding gifts for wedding party" that's not a competitive word, it's too long so how come it's not showing up at all? I would think it would at least show on like page 20 or something though, but it's not even there at all. She uses a lot of multi-keyword phrases like what i put here but even one of them are not showing even on the last page. Considering that it has PR3. I think there's something wrong with this. And by the way she never do any tactics yet such as social bookmarking, social networking, article submission, press release submission, directories and listing submission. She just focusing on forums posting and not doing other seo tactics. The reason behind this because she also has another site and concentrating on forum posting alone and she got shown it on google. The other website, she worked for it only for few months and now it is showing in google just doing forum posting alone and not other seo tactics. She's just thinking that if she made it shown that site in google using forum tactics alone then why she can't be able to do it with now with 2months of working with forum posting alone. Please give as a feedback regarding this. We need help and to find out what's really going on. Appreciate it much.

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